Diane McCormack, OTR

Diane McCormack is a pediatric OT in private practice in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. She is co-author with Dr. Kathy Riske Perrin, OTR, of the book Spatial,Temporal and Physical Analysis of Motor Control (Therapy Skill Builders) and article contributor to “How Can I Get that Arm Straight? The Quest for Elbow Extension” in Parent Articles about NDT (Therapy Skill Builders).

PT/OT Anchors: A Way to Increase Independence June 11, 2013 by Diane McCormack, OTR
Rifton’s Anchor family is more than a collection of suction cup grab bars and hand grips. The Anchor family is a set of distal arm stabilizers that enhance proximal stability of head, shoulder, trunk and pelvis. In essence, they assist students and young adults in becoming more independent in the classroom, community and home. Previously, a hierarchical development theory emphasized working on...