Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA

Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA, serves pediatric clients with medical complexity. He is co-publisher of, an evidence-based online resource for pediatric therapists. Carlo was lead author of a Special Communication on determining students' need for school-based PT (Pediatric PT, October 2017). He presents nationally on tests & measures, self-determination, motor learning, and clinical decision-making. Carlo is Director of, a provider of live continuing education and online discussion group for pediatric therapists. Join him and other Apply EBP speakers for "All Evidence-based, All Practical!" pediatric/school-based courses.

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PT/OT Child-focused vs Context-focused Intervention February 13, 2018 by Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA
In a fascinating research project, Law and colleagues set out to test the efficacy of context-focused intervention.¹ What is the context-focused approach? In this approach, the primary therapist (either an occupational or a physical therapist), works with the parents to identify tasks the child is interested in learning. The therapists assists to identify task and environmental modifications and...