Belinda Horning, BS, Ed.

Since graduating from California University with a teaching degree in 2008, Belinda has worked as an elementary education teacher in Farmington, PA. She has focused her professional development in special education, attending several PaTTAN trainings sponsored by the PA Bureau of Special Education. She now collaborates on a team approach to improve services to children with disabilities.

Stories The Compass Chair: A Classroom Seating Option for the Child with Autism May 21, 2019 by Belinda Horning, BS, Ed.
It’s an ongoing discussion, and one that anyone involved in some way with students with autism are familiar with. How do I get my students to concentrate so that they can learn? Can they ever sit still enough at a desk to learn the basics of reading, writing and math? Can I expect my student with autism to sit and attend in class in the same way I expect it of my regular education students? If there...