Barbara Stacy, PT, MOMT

A portrait of Barbara Stacy, PT, MOMT, author for the Rifton Adaptive Mobility Blog.Barbara Stacy, PT, MOMT graduated in 1978 from Loma Linda University in California and holds her Masters of Orthopedic Manual Therapy from Ola Grimsby Institute. Barbara has worked in various practice settings including outpatient, pediatric, acute care, home care and currently is in school-based physical therapy.

Tips & Advice Using Thigh Straps in Sling Configuration for Toileting or Seat-to-Seat Transfers October 08, 2018 by Barbara Stacy, PT, MOMT
At Desert Mountain SELPA in Apple Valley, California, we’ve discovered a creative solution for seated transfers with the TRAM. This method works really well, particularly for the more profoundly involved kids. Using the standard approach shown in the TRAM Quick Reference Guide (with a thigh strap placed separately under each leg) often results in the body support system riding up the student’s...