Ann Kurtz

Account Manager

Ann KurtzI currently work as a Rifton customer service representative, for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. In addition to answering calls and typing orders, I have had experience in Rifton product assembly on the factory floor. I really enjoy connecting with therapists and rehab teams when we do onsite product trainings for schools, hospital clinics, and resellers. A wife, and mother to eight healthy children, I feel compelled to do the best for the well-being of the children who use Rifton Equipment.

When I’m not at the desk, you can find me in my kitchen throwing together a new pasta dish or chicken marinade. I love to create greeting cards and posters with applique papercraft, glitter and glue.

Tips & Advice The New Rifton Seating Worksheet May 14, 2013 by Ann Kurtz
Rifton provides quality customer service and continually seeks ways to improve a customer’s experience when interacting with us. Recently we have improved our seating recommendation services to help you get the right size of chair the first time round. Choosing the right size of adaptive chair for a child with disabilities can be challenging; there are so many dimensions to consider. Therapists...