The Mobile Frame

Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer Video 1

The Pacer gait trainer's mobile frame can be used on its own as a simple mobility aid, or with added supports based on the client's needs. Its durability and stability make it a primary choice for overland gait training with clients of all ages from children in Early Intervention to adults and teens in rehab post stroke SCI, or TBI. A transcript is provided below for viewers with hearing disabilities.

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[00:00:00] Caption: The Frame

[00:00:00.05] Narrator: The pacer frame is the skeleton to which all prompts are clamped. The whole purpose of the Pacer is to promote mobility through prompt reduction. That's why there are no prompts permanently fixed. This top bar enables these clamps to be attached anywhere.

[00:00:23.40] Narrator: The Pacer comes in three sizes, and the height of each frame can be adjusted with these triggers.

[00:00:32.00] Narrator: The recommended height of the top bar is at the user's waist. Joan has progressed to the point where she only needs the frame to support her. Hand-holds can be used to provide a better grip. With nothing in front of her, Joan is free to move.

[00:00:32.00] Voice: Come on Joan, keep going!

[00:00:57.30] Narrator: Another great feature of the frame are these latches which enable you to collapse the frame for storage, - or to take it home with you. Depending on the size of your car's trunk, you may be able to load it with the prompts attached.