The Ankle Prompts

Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer Video 6

Controlling a client's stride length and placement in the Rifton Pacer walker is easy with use of Rifton's ankle prompts. They can be used to prevent scissoring by placing a client's feet with enough separation to encourage independent stepping and mobility. This video covers inserting the ankle prompts into the Pacer walker frame and demonstrates basic adjustment and use. A transcript is provided below for viewers with hearing disabilities.

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[00:00:01.00] Caption: The Ankle Prompts

[00:00:05.00] Narrator: A common problem when learning to walk is "scissoring". The Pacers' ankle prompts help prevent this. To install the ankle prompts, simply insert the rod, like this. Push, pull, and let go.

[00:00:22.00] Narrator: For some, these ankle prompts are all they need to help them to mobilize well. But others benefit even more when you can adjust their stride length. The Rifton Pacer allows you to do this very easily, with these simple spring clamps. Just give them a squeeze and move them where needed.

[00:00:42.00] Narrator: Straps should be secure, but not tight.