Simple patient transfers

Rifton SoloLift video 3

The Rifton SoloLift is low profile and very easy to use. The SoloVest wraps around a client’s torso and hooks onto the SoloLift’s lifting arm, enabling a client to stand and assist in his or her transfer. Facility managers and caregivers comment on how quickly and easily they became comfortable with the use of this unique patient transfer device. A transcript is provided below for viewers with hearing disabilities.

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[00:00:01.30] Caption: Simple Transfers.

[00:00:03:30] Carol Chiulli, PT: When the SoloLift first arrived at our office, the first thing we did was we transferred each other. We wanted make sure we felt secure with it first, and it was very easy to use. It was self-explanatory and the directions were also right in the SoloLift, which was nice. And the lift just doesn't look overwhelming, it's pretty low-profile; the whole device, you know, is almost at shoulder level when it comes at you, rather than something hanging over your head.

[00:00:25.25] Paul Keckeiser, PTA: For me, it didn't really take that long for me to feel comfortable with the SoloLift, maybe one or two transfers. Compared to other lifts, there are slings and straps involved and it's a lot more to know. With the SoloLift, it was just the vest, two connections and you're ready to go. So it's a very straight-forward process. You roll it in, you hook them up when the vest is on and you bring them out. It just seems a lot easier to me. It saves a lot of time, it's secure, and it's safe.

[00:00:48.05] Keith Jones, Program Manager: The vest snaps on, just like a seatbelt, so when you snap 'em in it's just-- you feel comfortable, because it's a simple process.

[00:00:54.27] Patricia Dalrymple, Coord. of Day Hab. Services: It's the fastest I've seen any training go on something so new, for staff.