An Introduction to Mobility Seating

Rifton Activity Chair Video 1

Want mobility seating that can easily adjust from cafeteria table height down to floor level, then back up again all within a few seconds--and with your client in the chair? Or maybe you need tilt-in-space capability plus lots of accessories for your client who's significantly involved? No, you just want a simple, sturdy chair with dynamic spring option that can be turned on and off for your student with autism who can be calmed by self-rocking? Look no further. You can have it all with the Rifton Activity Chair. Sam Durgin, Rifton's lead designer, introduces you to our newest revolution in mobility seating. A transcript is provided below for viewers with hearing disabilities.

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[00:00:04.29] Caption: Rifton Activity Chair Introduction

[00:00:11.29] Sam Durgin: Hello, I'm Sam Durgin. I led a design effort working on the Rifton Activity Chair. We designed this chair listening to your product design improvement suggestions that we gathered over the years and many suggestions we heard were the need to get the chair up to table height or to do tilt-in-space with the child in the chair.

[00:00:38.10] Sam Durgin: We also conducted a survey, where we sent an email out to many of our customers and 300 of you responded in detail, listing what you would like to see improved. We feel that we have pegged the top 35 suggestions that you came out with. The result of this effort, the Rifton Activity Chair, is one chair with two base options. You have the standard base, which is a typical four legs on the floor base, and the hi/lo base. You're looking at the medium sized chair. We designed this especially for the school therapist. We know you are very busy working with many children throughout a day, so we wanted our equipment to be as easy to use and as user-friendly as possible. So we set ourselves two goals. One was that every adjustment should be tool-free, and as many adjustments as possible should be possible with the child in the chair.

[00:01:44.00] Sam Durgin: We made all of our adjustments as intuitive as possible, so wherever you see white, trigger on the chair, for example in this armrest, if I want to adjust the angle there's a white button. Or if I want to adjust the tilt-in-space, no tools needed. Or to adjust the seat depth, no tools needed. So, how about we go to the details of the different supports that we offer, and how some of these adjustments can be made.