A safe, secure and comfortable patient lift

Rifton SoloLift video 12

Therapists, caregivers and care facility managers describe in just 3 words what it is like to use the Rifton SoloLift. "Easy," "comfortable," "safe and efficient," "quick to use" and "secure for the client" are the words used most often to describe this patient lift. What do you think? Watch the video below. A transcript is provided below for viewers with hearing disabilities.

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Linda Kuck, Exec. Director: The three words that I think I would probably use to describe the SoloLift would be Easy, Safe and Convenient.

Carol Chiulli, PT: Safe, Secure and Easy.

Linda Bollinger-Lunger, PT: Well, I'm going to say Safe...

Peggy Amler MA, OT/L: Easy, Comfortable.

Linda Bollinger-Lunger, PT: Quick!

Patricia Dalrymple, Day Hab. Coordinator: Um?

Linda Bollinger-Lunger, PT: I took your words? (laughter)

Patricia Dalrymple, Day Hab. Coordinator: I would say, I mean it would be Safety, Security, and Comfort.

Keith Jones, Program Manager: Safe, Secure and Speedy are the three words that I would use when telling anyone about the SoloLift.

Paul Keckeiser, PTA: Yeah, the three words I would use to describe the SoloLift are definitely Efficient, it's Safe?and I can't remember the other one! (laughter)

Keith Jones, Program Manager: I would say 'Secure!'

Paul Keckeiser, PTA: I'm sorry, I need to do that again.

Keith Jones, Program Manager: He means Secure, he really does; although, I'll get it: Secure.

Paul Keckeiser, PTA: You're too close to me—it's coming through your ear!

Keith Jones, Program Manager: I know, I've never been this close to you before! It's a really difficult process.

Paul Keckeiser, PTA: That's why you're sweating; it's not the lights?it's me.

Keith Jones, Program Manager: I know, terrible! (laughter)

Paul Keckeiser, PTA: Can you ask me that question again?

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