Blue Wave Bath Chairs

The all new Rifton Wave is replacing the Blue Wave.


See the slides below for details on the optional accessories available to customize Rifton's Blue Wave adaptive bathing equipment for your client. 

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Tub stand

  • The tub stand used with any of the three chair sizes, raises the chair for safer transfers and caregiver assistance. No tools are needed for any adjustments. Both stand and chair have slipresistant feet for stability in the tub. The legs fold flat for storage. Quick-release locks allow chair to be attached or removed from stand.

  • The Blue Wave bath chair with the tub stand.

Shower stand

  • The mobile shower stand used with any of the three chair sizes, holds the bather for standing caregiver assistance. It has open access to help the client with showering. This sturdy stand has long lasting, smooth rolling, locking casters. Quick-release locks on stand allow easy attachment and removal of chair.

  • The Blue Wave bath chair with the shower stand.

Pair of head blocks

  • A pair of head blocks can be added to the adaptive bathing system to provide head positioning. They may also give the client a feeling of security while bathing or showering.

Additional chest strap

  • An additional chest strap may be ordered for extra trunk support and lateral positioning during bathing.

Conversion kits

  • Conversion kits are available to convert a Rifton bath chair to a larger size, tool-free, as your client grows. Two kits are available: one to convert a small bath chair to a medium size, and another to convert either a small or medium bath chair to a large size.