Blue Wave Bath Chairs

The all new Rifton Wave is replacing the Blue Wave.

Comfortable and adaptable.

Rifton’s Blue Wave bathing system is designed to make bathing a more relaxed and pleasant experience for both client and caregiver. It provides a stable, cushioned yet quick-drying seat for bathing in or out of tubs and showers. First choose the basic bath chair size with the fabric option you prefer, then add a tub stand or mobile shower stand depending on your client's needs. The tub and shower stands accommodate all three bath chair sizes.

A woman trasfering a child into a Rifton Blue Wave Bath Chair


A young man in shower in a Rifton Blue Wave Bath ChairAdjustable, portable and compact for easy storage, the Blue Wave bathing system makes bathing simpler for caregivers and more fun and comfortable for the user.

  • The Tub Stand is used with any size of bath chair, and raises the bath tub chair to a working height, allowing for safer transfers and safe bathing above the water level where this is necessary. Need help with sizing image
  • The Shower Stand makes the bath chair into a shower chair at caregiver standing height, and has casters that roll easily into the shower. All three sizes of bath chair fit on the same stand.