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  • Pacer Gait Trainers - M, L & XL

    Better than a traditional walker, the New Rifton Pacer gait trainer offers a range of functional weight-bearing assistance options to improve ambulation.
  • Pacer Gait Trainers - Mini & S

    Much more than a walker, the Pacer is a fully functional gait trainer providing full or partial weight-bearing opportunities to improve walking ability.
  • Tips & Advice

    Donate Your Used Equipment

    For those of you with adaptive equipment sitting idle for whatever reason—either your child has outgrown it or your facility no longer needs it—there are dozens of non-profit organizations that are eager to take it, refurbish it, and put it to good use. Here’s a list of organizations we’ve worked with. If you know an organization not listed, or if you have feedback on those...
  • Stories

    In Praise of the Athlete

    Johnny Agar never considered himself an athlete. Born with cerebral palsy, he used a wheelchair, depended on others to care for him and took his first steps—23 total—at 11 years old. But sports was always part of his life—after all his dad had been a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. But father and son did not bond on the baseball diamond. Inspired by My Team Triumph, a program where able...
  • PT/OT

    Making Better Use of Arm Supports

    Adaptive gait devices come with a wide range of positioning accessories for supporting upright and ambulatory postures. Of these, arm supports are frequently used to provide basic upper extremity placement and positioning. But when understood and used correctly, arm supports can do so much more, particularly when it comes to positioning in gait. Here they can assist with weight-bearing, stepping, head...
  • Tips & Advice

    Arm Prompt Adjustment Tutorial

    The arm supports of the Rifton Pacer are central to good positioning and gait control. When placed correctly, they assist with weight-bearing, weight-shifting, head control, upper extremity stability and steering. We find, however, that some users don’t make use of the full range of adjustments that are available on the arm prompts,so here's a great resource to guide good positioning.
  • How To's

    Arm Prompt Positioning Tutorial

    The arm supports of Rifton's Pacer gait trainer offer a wide variety of positioning options for upper extremity stability, comfort, steering, and assistance with head control, weight-bearing and weight-shifting. Use this tutorial as a guide for great positioning outcomes. Clamp Placement The clamp is the foundation for arm...
  • PT/OT

    Getting Better Seat Positioning for the Child with Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral Palsy is a result of early damage to the parts of the brain that control muscle movements. Coordination and posture will be affected to varying degrees and symptoms can range from mild to severe physical disability (1). Some children with cerebral palsy can have mental retardation, seizures, or speech/hearing deficits as well. Although it is not progressive, cerebral palsy is a permanent condition...