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  • Patents

    Patents K620, K630, K640, K650 Pacer Gait Trainer: Patent US D780,075
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  • Standers

    There are a multitude of health benefits to standing. Our bodies are made to be upright, and for people with special needs who cannot stand independently we can often improve respiration, digestion, bone density, muscle control and peer interactions simply by supporting them in an upright position.
  • Bathing and Toileting Systems

    Bathing and toileting aids are indispensable in caring for people with physical disabilities. While presenting unique challenges, bathing and toileting also offer areas of opportunity for skill-building and functional participation in a daily routine.
  • Lift and Transfer Devices

    Our lift and mobility transfer systems are designed to be operated by a single caregiver with zero lifting for gait training, sit-to-stand, toileting and other seated transfers.
  • Special Needs Tricycles

    For children with special needs, these adaptive trikes are a fun way to practice new skills such as reciprocal leg movement and strengthening.
  • Special Needs Chairs

    The Rifton Activity Chair is perfect for active learning, feeding and speech therapy as well as for clients with sensory processing challenges.
  • Assembly

    At Rifton, every detail is given complete attention, and every piece of equipment is custom-configured to meet the client’s specific needs. We adhere to strict quality control. Before any order leaves our factories, it is personally inspected and signed off to ensure quality and safety. We are people building for people – every component of a Rifton product is welded, assembled...
  • Design

    Our innovative and functional designs are the direct result of therapist feedback. Each component is thoughtfully designed and engineered to meet the needs of both therapists and clients. And we are constantly upgrading our products to bring you and your clients the opportunity for better results. Each new piece of equipment goes through rigorous testing before it’s...