Stories Kamran's Bike September 11, 2012 by Elena Noble, MPT
For a child with disabilities, joining his peers in daily activities is huge. And though sometimes we lose sight of this, we can count on people like Kamran Lloyd to remind us. Take a moment to watch this short story broadcast on WLTX-TV. Kamran eloquently shows us what a special needs adaptive tricycle can do, not only for him, but everyone around him. Enjoy!
Stories Running for Scott April 17, 2012 by Erna Albertz
Contributed by Jennifer Burke, caregiver A few years ago I was looking around for a part-time job when I heard that the parents of one of my students were looking for help for their 9-year-old son. They were offering $10 an hour. I took it. I had no idea my life would change forever. Before I first met Scott I was told he used to be a “normal” kid. But the boy I met was anything but. He was in...