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News Evidence Update: Finally, a Compelling Case for Coverage for Adaptive Bikes June 28, 2023 by Joe Keiderling
Health insurance coverage for adaptive bikes has been rare at best, and this needs to change. A recent policy brief effectively dismantles the policy flaws surrounding adaptive cycling and provides regulatory and legislative paths to change.
Tips & Advice Navigating the Funding Maze for Assistive Technology August 08, 2022 by Maria A. Jones, PT, PhD
These funding tips will help you successfully navigate funding sources more effectively and avoid unnecessary delays, to get children the equipment they need.
Tips & Advice Addressing Insurance Denials of Standing Devices August 04, 2021 by Lori Potts, PT
NCART recently published this excellent resource providing clinicians with evidence-based guidance in responding to insurance denials for standing devices.
Letters of Educational Necessity Tips for Writing a Letter of Educational Necessity
When you need to justify adaptive equipment acquisition in a school-based setting, by accessing funding sources administered by special education decision-makers, you may find the following resources useful...
News Unlikely Funding Source for Adaptive Equipment in Ohio May 14, 2019 by Elena Noble, MPT
Employer work-place injury within schools may sound unlikely, but for those health professionals routinely assisting students with disabilities in school, it is not uncommon. In fact, the injury rate of health professionals engaging in lifts, transfers and re-positioning of patients ranks equally with those working in heavy construction settings.1,2 For this reason, in June of 2018, when the Ohio Bureau of...
News The Great Bike Giveaway February 06, 2018 by Lori Potts, PT
With spring in the air we’re talking bikes today – or rather, adaptive tricycles. Kids with disabilities want to ride just as much as any child, and with a little bit of extra support they too can navigate those inviting sidewalks. Sadly, adaptive trikes are far too rarely covered by Medicaid or insurance, even with a strong case for the therapeutic benefits of cycling...
Tips & Advice Rifton TRAM Funding Guide November 20, 2017 by Elena Noble, MPT
As every clinician knows, when applying for funding for a complex rehab technology (CRT) device, detailed and thorough documentation of medical necessity is critical. As the Rifton TRAM combines a patient transfer system, a sit-to-stand device and a gait trainer in one compact unit, this places it in a unique position for funding. To help you clear the hurdles associated with DME funding, we’ve...
PT/OT Busting that Persistent Myth about Adaptive Bikes and Recreation July 18, 2017 by Codi Andersen, DPT
I love the adaptive tricycle and the opportunities it affords many of my students. But how often have insurance companies denied requests for adaptive tricycles because they only see the recreational purpose? For my students with the most severe disabilities, the tricycle is a life-saver, and often the only piece of adaptive equipment that will help them achieve functional gains and participation. I&rsquo...
Tips & Advice Adaptive Tricycle Funding Resources October 20, 2016 by Elena Noble, MPT
A bike is the quintessence of childhood happiness. But for a child with disabilities, we think it’s a medical necessity. Beyond the joy and exhilaration of free-wheeling movement, the opportunity for reciprocal lower extremity exercise is crucial to the well-being of someone with fragile health. While the therapy community is unanimous on this point, sadly medical insurance companies underestimate...
Tips & Advice Letter of Medical Necessity Resources September 14, 2016 by Elena Noble, MPT
As clinicians well know, writing an effective letter of medical necessity (LOMN) for a piece of adaptive equipment can be challenging and time-consuming. In response to questions about letters of medical necessity for Rifton products, we put together a resource page with tips, tools and sample letters to help facilitate the process. We are happy to make these LOMN resources available here.
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