Rett syndrome

Stories Great Strides with the Dynamic Rifton Pacer and Treadmill Base May 07, 2018 by Shirley Dzikowski, PT
I have had great success with the dynamic Rifton Pacer gait trainer matched with Rifton’s treadmill base. Because my clients are completely supported, including their hands and arms, they are safe to work over a moving treadmill base. Some of my clients even “run” on the treadmill at 2.0 and 2.5 mph as I have placed them up a bit higher and they learn how to move their feet quicker. This...
Videos Good Positioning for Optimal Gait Training: Rifton Pacer video 3
The Rifton Pacer allows for customized positioning for each individual to improve positioning for better success with gait. There are many ways the frame and accessories can be adjusted during the initial trial and fitting. Watch more videos in this series: Getting to Know the MPS Adjustments Pacer Transfer Using the MPS The Advantages of Dynamic Movement
Stories Great New Video: Proper Positioning and What it Can Do for a Child March 22, 2012 by Elena Noble, MPT
Here is a heartwarming video sent to us by Braxton’s dad which I thought you would appreciate. Braxton has a rare form of Rett Syndrome; there are only five others cases like his. He has survived beyond the expected 14 months of age and is a much loved member of the family. He recently received a Rifton Activity chair from the Overland Park Fire Department Benevolent Association and it has...