Adaptive standing

Videos Pacer Handlebars & Chest Pad
The Pacer handlebars and chest pad form a lightweight configuration perfect for higher functioning users. Available for small, medium and large Pacers, these components allow easy transfers and quick adjustment.
Tips & Advice Beyond the Stander May 28, 2020 by Elena Noble, MPT
Encouraging standing development means thinking creatively. In the home, we can teach standing skills during routine sit-to-stand transfers or toileting breaks. Here’s how to get started.
PT/OT P-PAS, Adaptive Equipment and You December 03, 2019 by Sue Cecere, PT, MHS
The Posture and Postural Ability Scale or P-PAS is a tool that can be used to assess posture, postural ability and the quality of posture in prone, supine, sitting and standing positions. Posture, in this context, refers to the anatomical alignment of body parts in relationship to each other and the environment.
PT/OT SATCo, Adaptive Equipment and You November 18, 2019 by Sue Cecere, PT, MHS
SATCo is a valuable tool to help clinicians determine just where a client needs trunk support in order to engage in a task or activity. The work of Butler et al. demonstrated the validity of the tool and its ability to detect trunk weakness and postural control challenges. This approach to assessing the trunk is a paradigm shift.
Evidence Based Practice Evidence Update: New Research Suggests Increasing Pediatric Intervention Frequency January 02, 2019 by Elena Noble, MPT
Existing evidence on pediatric therapy dosing is scanty and conflicting, though motor learning theory has long associated increased frequency and repetition of movement and skills with improved outcomes. A new study now appears to bolster this view in the context of school-based intervention. The study comes out of Norway, where almost all children with cerebral palsy are registered in CP-specific follow...
PT/OT Homing in on Segmental Trunk Support for Better Control September 27, 2018 by Jocelyn Newell, PT, DPT, MPT
While many in the therapy community have not heard (yet) about SATCo, it’s a valuable new assessment that looks at trunk control. SATCo stands for Segmental Assessment of Trunk Control and it is a specific method of determining the level at which an individual loses postural control. We speak of “segmental assessment” because during evaluation we progressively change the level of trunk support at seven distinct levels.
Stories A Dramatic Rehab Triumph with Rifton's TRAM July 16, 2018 by Cindy Tamayo, PT, MA
We have nothing but praise for the Rifton TRAM! As the rehab services manager for a children’s hospital in Honolulu, I am amazed at how this product enables us to deliver rehab services. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care to children with a variety of neuromusculoskeletal conditions and other healthcare needs. The TRAM proved itself to be an effective and safe method to mobilize one of...
PT/OT Writing SMART Goals for Adaptive Equipment May 28, 2018 by Margaret Rice, PT
When using adaptive equipment it is important to have high standards for goal writing and data collection. Adaptive equipment spans a huge range from gait trainers to pencil grips. How many times have you seen adaptive equipment that was recommended for a student not being used properly or to its full potential? It is important to establish SMART goals for adaptive equipment the moment it is put into use...
Videos Prone Stander Demo
Lori Potts, PT demonstrates the features of the Prone Stander and discusses strategies to promote effective standing. Watch Lori demonstrate the Mobile Stander and Supine Stander. Video Transcript   This is Rifton’s Prone Stander. This is the Small. We also offer it in Medium and Large. Again, we have the gradual change of angle. With our protractor here you can see it can move right up to 90...
Videos Mobile Stander Demo
Lori Potts, PT demonstrates the features of the Mobile Stander and discusses strategies to promote effective standing. Watch Lori demonstrate the Supine Stander and Prone Stander. Video Transcript   This is our Mobile Stander. It actually sells as a standalone product. The large wheels are added as an accessory. What you see here is the Mini and you’ll notice that the footboard is higher off of...
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