Tips & Advice Addressing Insurance Denials of Standing Devices August 04, 2021 by Lori Potts, PT
NCART recently published this excellent resource providing clinicians with evidence-based guidance in responding to insurance denials for standing devices.
Tips & Advice Beyond the Stander May 28, 2020 by Elena Noble, MPT
Encouraging standing development means thinking creatively. In the home, we can teach standing skills during routine sit-to-stand transfers or toileting breaks. Here’s how to get started.
Tips & Advice NCART Standing Device Funding Guide June 04, 2013 by Elena Noble, MPT
As clinicians you know without a doubt that children with disabilities who are given the opportunity to stand and bear weight experience positive health benefits.  Peer-reviewed literature supports active weight-bearing and dynamic loading for improved bone mineral content and an upright position improves cardiopulmonary functioning, bowel and bladder health and joint range of motion. Unfortunately...