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Rifton’s Pacer XL


In response to the requests of many therapists, Rifton designed and is now offering the Pacer XL. The name says it all. As an addition to the already existing line of Rifton Pacer gait trainers, the Pacer XL accommodates the needs of adults with developmental disabilities and those in neurological rehabilitation. The familiar prompt system safely supports a user in an upright mobile position for participation in life activities or for gait practice. Practice is the therapy buzzword these days. It takes practice to attain a functional skill and practice to learn or relearn to walk. The more practice the better…. in the Rifton Pacer XL. 

Participation and mobility are important in the adult population, just as they are for the pediatric population. That is why therapists have been asking Rifton to make the Pacer gait trainer “grow with” their children. Now they can graduate into the Pacer XL!

The frame of the Pacer XL is taller and stronger, accommodating a maximum user height of 6'4" and maximum user weight of 275lbs. That is the big difference. The prompts from the existing line of gait trainers have been reinforced for use with the Pacer XL for durability of use with larger users. And yes, it can still go through a 32" wide doorframe. As the user builds strength and becomes more adept at his/her skills, the prompts on the Pacer XL can be reduced to create new challenges that lead towards functional independence and improved gait.

frame_fullThe Pacer XL is designed specifically for adults with developmental disabilities and those with neurological injuries where practice in gait training is key to regaining that function. The Pacer XL provides opportunity for safe and supported gait practice. Like all Rifton products, it is solid, durable and can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of its users.

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