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What To Do About Gait Trainer Seat Sitters

June 10, 2019 by Elena Noble, MPT

A theraband in use with a blue Rifton Pacer gait trainer.Do you work with children whose hips won’t stay forward during gait training? Or those kids who sit on the seat of a gait trainer when you want them upright? Whether from hypotonia or decreased core stabilization, here is a great idea to help cue those hips forward in the Rifton gait trainer.


1. Position the handholds of the Rifton Pacer upside down and towards the back of the top bar.

2. After positioning the client in the gait trainer, stretch a theraband taut across the child’s behind and attach to the two handholds. (Theraband CLX works well). This cues the hips into anterior tilt.

Rifton thanks Connie Johnson, PT, DscPT and her team at Fairfax County Public schools for the idea. According to Connie, “it works like a charm!”


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