Ryan Burke

Sales Manager

ryan burke listingRyan Burke is Rifton’s sales and marketing director, when he’s at his desk. When he’s not there,  Ryan can be found creating solutions to production issues, or providing slick features and functionality for our database and additional programs. Most importantly, Ryan  is dad to three small children and husband to Linda, who is one of Rifton’s sewing technicians.  

Stories From Devastating Prognosis to Parapan Am Athlete August 03, 2015 by Ryan Burke, Sales and Marketing Director
Here at Rifton we often hear remarkable stories of triumph in the face of insurmountable odds. Each story is a testament to the amazing people our products are designed to serve. Sometimes one can anticipate a customer-story, but every once in a while you encounter someone who has a story to share when you least expect it. Last week I was having what I assumed would be a routine lunch time break...