Cathy Ripmaster, PT and Todd Jones, Classroom Teacher

Cathy Ripmaster, PT

My name is Cathy Ripmaster. I have been working at Lincoln Developmental Center (LDC) for 14 years as a physical therapist. I became a MOVE International Trainer in 2002 to help implement the program at LDC. The success we see with the MOVE program is amazing!  I am so proud of our students and the progress they have made over the years. It takes an entire team of dedicated people to support the students and help them MOVE. I am proud to be on the team at LDC.

Todd Jones, Classroom Teacher

My name is Todd Jones and I have been teaching students qualifying for special education services for 24 years. Although having worked with a diverse population of students with varying ability levels including those on the autism spectrum, those with cognitive impairments and those with emotional impairments, my last two years have focused on students with severe physical challenges. I work to help these young adults participate more fully in classroom activities. It is always a joy to see the look on the parents and caregivers faces when they see their child actively participating in classroom jobs and activities and interacting socially.  

Stories Great Strides with the Rifton TRAM March 12, 2015 by Cathy Ripmaster, PT and Todd Jones, Classroom Teacher
A few years ago we welcomed a non-traditional student – we’ll call him Jay – at Lincoln Developmental Center (LDC) where we work. Most of our students have had a development disorder since birth; most are undersized and fit well into traditional equipment, but Jay sustained a traumatic brain injury at the age of 14 and arrived at LDC at the age of 17, fully grown, with limited positioning...