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  • Evidence Based Practice

    Evidence Update: Stretch Effectiveness in Children with Disabilities

    In therapy, children with neuromuscular disabilities receive routine stretching interventions for contracture management and the alignment of the hip and spine. Depending on a child’s clinical presentation, stretch interventions range from short-term passive and active stretching to prolonged stretches using adaptive standers, serial casts or orthoses. However, according to four therapists published...
  • HTS (Hygiene & Toileting System)

    Newly redesigned to address over 20 areas of therapist feedback, this system provides all the features and accessories necessary for successful toileting.
  • Tips & Advice

    Adaptive Tricycle Funding Resources

    A bike is the quintessence of childhood happiness. But for a child with disabilities, we think it’s a medical necessity. Beyond the joy and exhilaration of free-wheeling movement, the opportunity for reciprocal lower extremity exercise is crucial to the well-being of someone with fragile health. While the therapy community is unanimous on this point, sadly medical insurance companies underestimate...
  • R812 Mini kit

    The mini kit makes the small Activity Chair a prime option for the smallest child – from approximately eight months up to two years. Remove it as the child grows and use the same chair for many more years. Footboard lift adds 3", trunk support max. circumference is 26", backrest pad is 1" thick.
  • Prone Standers

    Providing anterior support and stability while encouraging weight-bearing and use of both hands and arms, Prone Standers enable physical development and greater social interaction.
  • New Pacer Gait Trainers - M & L

    Better than a traditional walker, the New Rifton Pacer gait trainer offers a range of functional weight-bearing assistance options to improve ambulation.
  • E500 Bath Chair Accessories

    Purchase accessories for your Rifton Blue Wave Bath chair system.
  • E543 Large Bath Chair

    See pricing for Rifton's Large (E543) heavy duty adult bath and shower chair, and place an order.
  • E542 Medium Bath Chair

    See pricing for Rifton's Medium (E542) special needs bath and shower chair and place an order.
  • E541 Small Bath Chair

    See pricing for Rifton's Small (E541) bath chair, a pediatric bath and shower chair for children with physical disabilities.