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  • Tips & Advice

    Toileting Transfer Tips for Individuals with Muscular Dystrophy

    Transferring someone with low tone and little or no weight bearing to and from the toilet is challenging. Along with a dependent lift, a therapist must guard against the individual slipping down or sagging during the seat-to-seat transfer in addition to managing clothing. Even with lifting devices it is difficult to execute a smooth, dignified, safe transfer with an individual unable to maintain any...
  • PT/OT

    The Clinical Progression: Treadmill to Overground Ambulation

    Gait training is central in the rehabilitation of individuals with neuromotor disabilities. In clinical circles, there is considerable debate over whether gait training is best performed over a treadmill or over ground. Is one intervention more effective than the other? The research on this topic is inconclusive at best. What we do know, however, is that studies comparing the two gait training approaches...
  • Stories

    Biking, Love and a Brother with Disabilities

    I’m not normally one to get excited over a commercial masquerading as a feel-good documentary, but here’s one that might just make you feel a bit better about life. It comes from Schwinn, the bike manufacturer. Stay with me for the beginning and watch for the transition around the 2-minute mark. (Spoiler alert: Rifton makes a cameo!)     .embed-container { position: relative; padding...
  • Grab Bars & Anchors

    A collection of suction cup grab bars with varying types of hand grips and arm supports to aid in upper extremity stabilization so tasks and activities of daily living become easier.
  • Mobile Standers

    A mobile prone stander for children with ambulatory disabilities, the Mobile Stander provides partial weight-bearing support while enabling mobility in an upright position.
  • Tips & Advice

    Donate Your Used Equipment

    Updated: November 25, 2016 These organizations accept used adaptive equipment to re-furbish and provide it to families in need in the US or internationally. If you know an organization not listed here, or if you have feedback on those recommended on this page, please email us at To find an organization that offers the opportunity to loan, borrow, or directly exchange equipment via web...