Introducing the Gait Tracker App

The TRAM and E-Pacer scales can connect with a phone or tablet via Bluetooth to display scale data on Rifton’s Gait Tracker app. Gait Tracker shows a running average of the weight  measured by the scale, and calculates average weight-bearing for a gait training session.

A phone can also be mounted on the patient handgrip with a bicycle phone mount, making the scale visible to the client.

Download the Gait Tracker app here:

Video Transcript

The Gait Tracker app uses a Bluetooth connection to display data from the TRAM or E-Pacer scale on mobile phones and tablets.

It measures and displays weight as a running average. It also measures the cumulative average and duration for a gait training session.

A phone can be mounted on the TRAM or E-Pacer with a bicycle phone mount making the scale visible to the client.

How Gait Tracker works

With the Gait Tracker app installed on your device, activate Bluetooth on the scale by pressing the BT button. Your device will pair with the scale when you open the app.

Measuring Weight-bearing

To measure weight-bearing, lift the client until the TRAM or E-Pacer is supporting all their weight. And zero the scale.

Then begin gait training. Gait Tracker will now display the weight the client is bearing.

Gait Tracking Session

When the session is over, press the pause button. The app will display the average weight-bearing measured during the session, which provides a useful metric for tracking progress over multiple sessions.

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