Adjustable Backrest and Seat Depth

Rifton Activity Chair Video 6

In this short video, review the colors of seat and backrest pads offered with the Rifton Activity Chair, learn the location of the Quick Reference Guide of basic day-to-day adjustments, and go over backrest and seat depth adjustments. Adjusting the seat depth and backrest height allows you to customize the chair's size and fit to the exact needs of your client. A transcript is provided below for viewers with hearing disabilities.

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[00:00:03.23] Caption: Backrest Height and Seat Adjustments

[00:00:09.07] Sam Durgin: Now I'd like to show you the seat depth and backrest height adjustments. Again, these are tool-free adjustments. To adjust the backrest height I depress a white lever here, and I can raise the backrest in ¾ inch increments. The seat depth is done with a white lever just below the front right corner of the chair. And again, this is an adjustment that can be done with the child in the chair. And many folks are surprised that we have a full five inches of range, from all the way back to all the way forward, done without any tools.

[00:00:48.21] Caption: Quick Reference Guide and Seat Pads

[00:00:53.19] Sam Durgin: The activity chair comes with a Quick Reference Guide. This has a tab on the front, and it gives you all the day-to-day adjustments that you may need. This lives in the little pouch behind the backrest. We chose to use a urethane fabric for our cushioning. You can choose which color you would like, there's a red, a tan and a blue. The urethane itself is a very washable, cleanable fabric?very tough and hard. And this allows us to have it thick enough so that you can very quickly feel the cushion below the fabric. On the backrest we have ¾ inches of soft foam, and on the seat there's a full ¾ inch of soft foam with a ½ inch of more dense foam below it, so you'll never bottom out through the cushion, should you push on it. You can wash the cushion with a mild detergent or soap. You can also use a 10% bleach or Pine Sol. It's a very cleanable, wipeable surface, and it feels nice and soft to the touch.