Rifton SoloLift

One caregiver. Zero lifting. Greater dignity.


Use the slides below to learn more about the features of the Rifton SoloLift.

Lift arm

  • The Rifton SoloLift's low-profile padded arm lifts from behind the client and swings out of the way when not in use. For front-loading transfers, the push of a button pivots the client 180° while upright.

Lifting motion

  • The back of the SoloVest clips to the lifting arm, so the client is lifted in a natural nose-over-toes position. This comfortable arc-like motion mimics sit-to-stand positioning, making transfers more secure and dignified. The client can maintain eye contact with the caregiver and can hold the padded bar for added stability. For many transfers, the client's feet need never leave the ground.

    Click through the slides to see how it works.

  • As the lift begins the client is in the nose-over-toes position in a natural sit-to-stand motion.

  • The client with his feet on the floor supporting as much of his weight as he can while the SoloLift does the rest.

  • The client in a full standing position ready to be transferred into an upright device such as a Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer. 

SoloVest features

  • The key to SoloLift's above-the-waist operation is the innovative SoloVest. Available in small (green), medium (light blue) or large (dark blue). The SoloVest is made with medical-grade anti-microbial and anti-slip materials for durability, and complies with ISO10535:2006 and EN-12182 standards.

  • Fits a variety of clients

    Available in small (green), medium (light blue) or large (dark blue), the SoloVest can be comfortably used by most clients - even those with no weight-bearing ability. The SoloVest accommodates both female and male clients. See the dimensions page for details.

  • Above-the-waist lifting

    The innovatively designed SoloVest is the key to the SoloLift's above the waist operation. With no straps below the waist, there's no lifting or wrestling required to prepare the client for transfer, and clothing remains easily accessible for toileting. In fact, transfers to a commode or toilet are faster and more dignified than ever.

  • Soft under the arms

    Foam padding ensures comfort and skin protection around the client’s arms and upper torso.

  • Unique lifting action

    The SoloLift lifting arm attaches to the SoloVest at the client's upper back, enabling a natural sit-to-stand motion and controlled, uniform pressure during transfer. Hook attachment draws the vest into a secure hug-like hold; the ample surface area of the vest assures patient comfort.

  • High-quality components

    The exterior of the SoloVest is made with tough 420 Denier nylon fabric. The interior fabric is anti-slip, medical grade material, which complies with ISO10535:2006 and EN-12182 standards.

  • Hug-like security

    The SoloVest’s contoured plastic shells and soft padding grip the client's torso gently, yet securely during transfer. Pressure is distributed evenly for comfort and security, and the vest is fully cushioned.

  • Simple straps and buckles

    The SoloVest tightens with just two straps secured by automotive-grade snap-in buckles.

  • T-handle

    The T-handle helps caregivers tighten the straps on the SoloVest.

Leg straps

  • The simplest of leg straps. For seated transfers, just grab the T-handle, thread the leg strap behind the client's knees from either direction, and hook it onto the large ball on the frame. It's quick, there's no pinching, and clothing remains easily accessible for toileting.


  • Operate the SoloLift with easy-to-use buttons on the hand pendant.


  • The SoloLift comes with two long-lasting batteries (50+ lifts per charge each) plus two wall chargers so that both batteries can be left charging at times when your facility is closed.

Base and frame

  • Compact and low-profile, the Rifton SoloLift can be stored in a small space and can pass through a standard 32" door with ease. An ergonomic foot pedal expands and retracts the frame legs for transfers to and from wheelchairs or gait trainers. Lockable casters make the SoloLift mobile, yet secure.