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Rehab Equipment Exchange

February 21, 2012 by Joyce Clark, PT

A Solution for Finding Used Rehab Equipment

Used stander rehab equipment in red for special needs

Rehab Equipment Exchange started locally. As a pediatric physical therapist for 35 years, I was well aware of the high cost of new equipment. Often patients only need equipment on short term as either functional improvement or age growth limit extensive use of the same piece of equipment. When making home visits, I would see unused equipment being used as plant stands, clothes hangers, toy boxes, or otherwise cluttering garages. I knew I could find a better use for this equipment. So I decided to start helping my patients exchange equipment on a local level. It quickly began to grow and soon it was evident this service was needed on a statewide and national level.

This inspired me to start Rehab Equipment Exchange Network. It began in 2004 as an online marketplace for used rehabilitation equipment. Here used rehab equipment could be exchanged, bought, or sold at reduced costs compared to brand new purchases.

The website has more than 300 used items listed for both pediatric and adult users. Items include walkers/gait trainers, wheelchairs, standers, feeder seats, commodes, communication aids, and more.  I am thrilled with how people are using this service. Hundreds of pieces of equipment have already been bought, sold, and donated by adult patients, parents of children with disabilities, therapists, nurses, and program directors. And after retiring from PT in 2007, this website is a wonderful way for me to stay connected with the profession and continue to help patients.

What’s New on Rehab Exchange

A page is under development called “State Used Equipment Sites.”  Most states by now have developed used equipment/assistive technology sites, but many people are unaware of them.  By linking this information to the Rehab Equipment Exchange Network website, people in every state have more options when buying or selling items.

See more organizations that accept donations of used adaptive equipment.

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