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Transfer Simplified

March 01, 2011 by Lori Potts, PT

A PT helps safe lift transfer a smiling young man in a wheelchair from sitting to standing using the Rifton Sololift.It was perfect for Sarah! A resident at a long term care facility having difficulty with transfers. Caregivers needed a break. Moving from sit-stand and dependent transfers to the toilet combined with behavioral issues often resulted in disaster. This changed: The vest of the newly purchased lift was a snug and comfortable fit. Sarah’s feet were on the floor and taking what weight they could. With the help of the lift, she moved smoothly into standing from a seated position. Revolutionary – but it wasn’t the Hoyer® Lift. It was the SoloLift. Read how Sarah and her caregivers overcame the barriers to gait training and hygiene care using this piece of equipment. Do you know someone like Sarah?

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