SoloLift Praise

January 23, 2009

Read a letter of appreciation that Rifton received from a SoloLift customer...

SoloLift_fig1Dear Rifton:

Thank you for the SoloLift!

I work at a high school where we have struggled to provide safe transfers for students from their wheelchairs to their standing frames, three wheeled bikes, and even the toilet.  One student in particular has been difficult to transfer due to the student's size. Program staff has a rotation they follow so no one person lifts the student twice in one day. We had two Hoyer® lifts available but they were not able to help us get the job done any easier.

After searching online for something different, I found the Rifton SoloLift. Our district purchased the SoloLift, and we received it in our program in January. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! Staff members were the first to be placed in the lift, as we needed practice (and a little fun). We were all very comfortable, and knew we had found the right lift.

The first student transfer we tried was onto a toilet. It was the easiest transfer ever! As the student was lifted off of the toilet, we were able to perform the hygiene care without having to hold the student up. Then the student was seated back into the wheelchair in a great position.

The next transfer was from the wheelchair to the three-wheeled bike. Being able to swing the student 360 degrees and widening the legs on the SoloLift is a back saver for us! The student sits right down onto the bike and stays safely in place while being belted in.

Another transfer we do is from the wheelchair to the standing frame. We have tried different ways in the past to get the student into the standing frame safely and in the proper position. Now the lift holds the student in position, and we place the seating pad at the level the student needs before strapping in the feet and putting the chest straps on.

We are taking the lift with us on out-of-town trips because it is so versatile and easy to move. I do not have the words to let you know just how much we appreciate this great invention!

Thank You!

Shanon DeBernardi
Community Based Instruction Teacher
Rock Springs High School
Rock Springs, Wyoming

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