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November 21, 2007

"I have a client, Maria, who has lived at Glenridge for years. Almost every day she would speak about how she used to be able to walk. Numerous times we’d had two or three strong aides attempt to get her into a standing position just to bear weight for a few seconds, but her balance, hemiplegia and her weight made it simply unsafe so we had to stop trying. But she pined for the day when she could try to learn to walk again.

Then Glenridge Center purchased a state of the art SoloLift. It allows one staff person to lift a client out of the wheelchair or bed and into a standing position through the use of an ingeniously designed vest.

We used the lift on about ten clients that first day and they all said the same thing, that it was very comfortable, and though it was scary being in a standing position for the first time in years—maybe in their lives—they couldn’t wait to try it again. And I cannot describe what a difference it has made for Maria. She is thrilled to be upright and active again.

It’s so much better than the old–style lifts for getting clients in and out of bed, much more maneuverable, and allows the staff to lift the client either completely off the bed into a wheelchair or just up a few inches for changing. All the staff are competing over who gets to use it first.

We have about thirty clients who are going to benefit from this device here at Glenridge. If the increased activity and circulation extends their life expectancy by one month then the unit has paid for itself. And if we save one staff person from one lifting injury, it’s paid for itself again. It’s an amazing piece of equipment. I strongly recommend the SoloLift for anyone with non–ambulatory clients."

Laurence Crowder, Administrator
ResCare Glenridge Center
Glendale, CA


The Sololift will address one of the biggest barriers we have faced - safe and effective transfers into mobility equipment and upright postures. Work-related back injuries (and other injuries) from lifting are a huge concern for administrators in adult day programs (as well as other programs that serve adults). I believe the Sololift will not only be beneficial to the adult learners, but will result in a reduction of work-related injuries and subsequent cost savings.

Stacie B. Whinnery, Ed.D.,
University of West Florida


I have been a therapist for thirty years, and have used numerous mechanical lifts with my clients. Never have I been so impressed with a lift as I am with the SoloLift. It’s the only lift that allows caregivers easy access for hygiene purposes, and allows our folks to move from sitting to standing without compromising the staff’s backs! In minutes I was able to figure out how to use it with and without the leg straps. No one here will want to use any other lift once they’ve had a chance to use the SoloLift.

Stephanie Rauscher RPTA/ATP
Upstate Cerebral Palsy
Utica, NY


I arrived at school just fifteen minutes before my student was due to be toileted, and I wanted to transfer her in the new SoloLift. I looked at it for five minutes and knew just what to do. It’s so easy and intuitive, there's nothing to it. I trained five people on it that morning. It definitely only takes one person – even for safety purposes there are no problems. There’s no pulling, no pushing, no changing-table thing, which is what I’ve really been trying to get away from. I can tell the SoloLift is going to cause a big problem because everybody will want to use it.

Karen Reeves, PT
Cherokee County Schools
Canton, Georgia


The SoloLift is truly the only front-loading device that we know of that can get somebody into a gait trainer. In addition, it can be used in transfers from wheelchair to mat-table, and from wheelchair to commode or toilet. We’ve not found any other piece of equipment that can bring someone from supine on the floor up to a standing position. The SoloLift really serves a variety of purposes.

Carol Chiulli, PT
UCP Westchester
Rye Brook, NY


The SoloLift is awesome! I can’t believe how easy it has made our job here. The positioning is great! At first, taking off the SoloVest after a transfer to a Pacer was a struggle, but now it’s a breeze – boom, boom, it’s off, we’re done, and we’re on to the next person. It’s very, very easy to use. I have nothing but praise, praise, praise.

Melinda Harrison
Community Inclusions Specialist
Barkersfield, CA

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